Online blackjack had a mixed start when it first arrived on the web along with other casino content. However, it continues to be played by players in many digital spheres. But why is this online blackjack so successful? Find out the answers to your questions in our article.

The advantages of online blackjack

Online blackjack has many advantages over traditional blackjack. In order to give you an idea of these advantages, here are a few that we have selected:

Unlimited play: Online Blackjack allows you to play indefinitely without ever having to keep track of the time;

Mobile play: Your mobile phone will be your best ally to enjoy many online blackjack games and variations.

A game filled with bonuses: promotions or welcome bonuses will be offered within your game offered in immaterial format.

Do you know the history of Blackjack 21?

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Classic Blackjack was first introduced in the late 18th century and was initially played mainly in Parisian casinos. The rich bourgeoisie of the first took up the game by playing tournaments in the French capital. It was not until some time later that the game was introduced in the United States.

Indeed, its dazzling success in Europe crossed the Atlantic to the doors of America. It was in this continent of conquests that the possibility of winning the game with an ace and a jack only was born. This formidable weapon for gamblers was invented by the casino owners to attract a maximum of fanatics. A rule that is now extremely popular in land-based casinos.

Casino bonuses

In contrast to the classic casino format, the online casino offers many bonuses for players who want to take advantage of them. Indeed, users have the possibility of this type of bonus:

  • Welcome bonus: this is the biggest bonus offered to players allowing them to get a large starting amount as well as many free spins. Only a registration will be required for this;
  • Deposit Bonus: This exclusive deposit promotion allows you to receive an average bonus amount on any deposit. A great feature for players;
  • No deposit bonus: No deposit or pre-payment is required for players wishing to obtain this no deposit bonus. Simply visit the relevant platform to take advantage of it;
  • Promotional bonuses: Online casinos tend to offer promotions to all players. These promotions allow you to obtain advantages specific to each platform;
  • VIP Club Bonuses: The VIP club is a private sphere to which players have access by meeting strict criteria. The more persistent you are as a player, the more likely you are to be part of this selective club.

How the game is played


Blackjack rules can be complicated for the uninitiated player. Indeed, online blackjack requires some prior knowledge before embarking on any quest for winnings or realization of blackjack table strategy. Here’s how the game is played:

  • The dealer deals two cards to all players present;
  • The players choose whether or not to take an additional card;
  • The result of the card obtained is observed by all participants;
  • If you get a card that brings your total over 21, you lose the game;
  • The opposite case allows you to continue your game;
  • Victory will be awarded to the player or dealer with a total closest to 21.
  • Your initial bet may therefore be increased depending on the cards you get in the game.

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