In the age of the internet, playing poker in online casinos is also becoming increasingly popular. Those who do not only want to play poker in a social group, but also like to dare to play a game on the internet in between or after work, are faced with a large selection of online casinos that now offer the card game in all possible variations. It is therefore not easy, especially for players who have no experience in the online sector, to recognise a good and, above all, reputable online provider. At this point, we would like to explain comprehensively what is important for a good offer and how players can find the best online casino.

First of all, you should take a look at the company you have chosen: Behind most online portals there is usually a large gambling company. It is certainly advantageous to first find out in detail which company is behind the platform. Often, all important information can be found on the operator’s homepage under the menu item “About Us”. If little can be found out about the company on the website, you can also contact the customer service or do internet research. The shares of large corporations are usually traded on the stock exchange and are thus subject to additional control, which should speak clearly for the seriousness of the company.

In terms of licences: Trusting online casinos with one’s own money is not really easy for many players.

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 Scepticism is advisable in this case, as unfortunately there are always black sheep. If you are looking for a poker provider, you should first and foremost pay attention to the licence. The relevant information should be found in the “imprint”. No company may offer poker on the internet without a licence. If this is not the case, you should leave the online portal alone as soon as possible.

Furthermore, some companies even have seals of quality issued by independent testing institutes. These include, for example, iTech Labs, TRUSTe or eCogra. Some online casinos are even certified by the TÜV, which can be recognised by the corresponding seal.

Furthermore, the provider’s portfolio should also include a diverse selection of games: poker has numerous game variants. However, not every online portal has all variations in its repertoire. Standard variants such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em are usually part of the programme of all providers. The variants Horse or Razzpoker, however, are not to be found everywhere. Ultimately, you should base your choice of a portal on your personal preferences.

Then the bonus offer of the selected casino portal certainly plays a major role: bonus programmes are not uncommon in the field of online poker. 

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In most cases, these are bonuses for new customers. The promotions differ only slightly from provider to provider. Bonus offers should not play too big a role in the decision, but there is nothing to be said against choosing the provider with the more attractive bonus if the offer of the portals is otherwise quite similar.

You should also pay attention when it comes to customer support: Customer service says a lot about a company and should be characterised by friendly and competent staff. Good customer support is available around the clock and ideally also in several languages and free of charge. The possibility to get in touch with the company’s employees via live chat is also an advantage. Unfortunately, there are still some poker providers who do without telephone or chat connections altogether and can only be reached by email.

The topic regarding the possible payment methods is also very important: A good online casino offers a wide range of different payment methods. In addition to the common payment methods such as credit card and bank transfer, various e-wallets and prepaid variants should also be supported. The PayPal payment system is considered a special security feature, but only works with a few selected partners.

Finally, transactions should proceed quickly and not exceed a processing time of 48 hours. It goes without saying that delays may occur in individual cases. Some companies even promise credits within a few hours. Fees for deposits and withdrawals are annoying and should be a thing of the past.

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